Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minutes from the Mass 28/10/10 Meeting


First point discussed was the respective roles of all the societies involved and the relationship between them. Present were representatives from our Creative Enterprise Society, the Exhibitions Society, The Art Society, The newly founded people in charge of the Zine and The Poetry Society.

Points discussed covered the roles and plans of the above societies, the possible overlap of some events and how members of other societies could get involved.

When all other societies had left the Creative Enterprise team then stayed on to discuss internal roles and the way to move the society forward.

Talk centred on our plans for a 'skills swap' website with onus on Josh to get in touch with a contact of his in order to see about setting up a social network of skills swapping.

There was also discussion on the need for the society to create and harbour a higher feeling of community within the art school with a higher emphasis placed on interdisciplinary practice.

The date of the next meeting was set for the 12th November 2010 at 12.30, meeting place to be confirmed.

For any information regarding any of the topics mentioned above please don't hesitate to contact Josh at

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


To reserve your place on any of these courses please email or call 0844 544 9990. For further information about this workshop and our full programme please visit

Making Applications & Proposals in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council

Town House, Aberdeen, Thursday 21 October 2010

A practical workshop, in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council, for individuals, working in any art form, on making applications and proposals for funding, commissions and residencies. You'll be pleased to hear this event is free but we request a £10 deposit to secure your place

The Next Step: Keeping Your Creative Business on Track

City Halls, Glasgow, Tuesday 26 October 2010

A workshop for creative and cultural industries who have been running their business for three years or more to take stock of their achievements to date and explore the options that lie ahead. You'll be pleased to hear this event is free but we request a £10 deposit to secure your place.

Market Day in partnership with Growing Audiences North East (GANE)

Aberdeen Arts Centre, Aberdeen, Thursday 4 November 2010

Market Day, in partnership with GANE, is a one day workshop to train participants in how to market their products and services. The workshop will provide participants with a better idea of how to express their business, the customer groups to target, the difference between features and benefits, an outline plan for their marketing communications, key marketing activities and the impact this should have on sales. The cost of this event is £20 which is to be paid in advance. A buffet lunch will be included.

Starting Out in partnership with Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)

ECA, Edinburgh, Friday 5 November 2010

A tailored workshop in partnership with ECA for start-up or recently established professional creative practitioners to share the experiences and realities of operating, financing and making a living from their creative practice or business. You'll be pleased to hear this event is free but we request a £10 deposit to secure your place.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So today's meeting involved the following things: -
- Jayne is going to email the Generator for some mentoring on the business front
- WE NEED TO FIND A DIRECTION, so if you have any ideas/suggestions, bring them to the next meeting or post them here!
- Do some market research to find out exactly what Dundee/the University needs.
- Look up various other Creative Enterprise Societies to get an idea of what is out there.
- The potential of working in collaboration with the Exhibitions Society.
- Think about organizing a series of talks, similar to the professional practice ones going on at the moment, speaking of which:

I think with the next meeting we will have more of an idea of where to go with the society...